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30 July 2009

No Mr Parking Inspector!

It was recently my birthday and my wonderful brother flew down from Queensland just to celebrate with the family and I.

Taking him back to the airport the other day, I drove... Parked in the 5 minute disabled parking drop off spot, everyone in the car made a quick stop off to the bathroom before my brother left for his flight home.

I was waiting in my car with my wheelchair on the roof as a security guard/parking inspector came up to my window and asked if I was picking someone up and I advised that I was waiting for people who had gone inside to use the bathroom, that I was dropping someone off for a flight and they would be back in a minute. He gave me an angry look and walked off.

My Brother, my Mum and my boyfriend came back to the car and we were talking to my brother before he left as we don't get to see him much anymore. The whole time we were there couldn't have been more than 10 minutes. My brother left and we all drove off home. I thought that was the end of my trip to the airport, but I was wrong!

I received in the mail yesterday a parking fine for failure to obey orders at the airport. I was never given any such orders and being in a wheelchair, I'm legally allowed to park at a parking sign that is less than 30 minutes for a maximum of half an hour. So technically I didn't break any laws to begin with and I certainly didn't disobey orders as I was never given any!

Ironically, my Mum took a photo of the very sign we were parked in front of, which is above, so I could use it in my blog if I needed to for any reason. I am definitely going to fight this one and I will keep you all updated on the progress of the fine. I say good luck to them trying to get any money out of me.

29 July 2009

Inspirational Soccer Player

I found this article on the SMH website; 12 year old Rae from the Central Coast was born with Cerebral Palsy. With years of treatment and rehabilitation, she has been able to get rid of her wheelchair and braces and now not only walks but is the sports captain of her schools soccer team in which she plays! It's amazing what treatments are becoming available these days. To read the full story, click on the Inspirational Soccer Player heading and it will take you straight to the article.

Travelling to Egypt in a wheelchair

I found this article on the SMH website, this lady is wheelchair bound and has muscular distrophy and osteo athritis. Despite all that, she wanted to make her husband's 50th Birthday dream come true so she took him to Egypt. Sounds like there were a lot of obstacles but she overcame them, even going into three tombs! I don't even know if I could trust someone helping me into steep, dark tombs. I was scared enough going into caves in Vanuatu with my dad! She's done an awesome job though, check out the full story by clicking on the Travelling to Egypt in a wheelchair heading and it will take you to the article.

Reverse Discrimination - Part 2

This one is very funny! It's part II of the first Reverse Discrimination video I put up. It really shows how 'normal' people patronize people with disabilities, even if they don't mean to but it's very true. Have a look at it.

28 July 2009

Reverse Discrimination

This video is really good, it's how it is for disabled people but in reverse, an able bodied man gets treated 'differently' because he's surrounded by people with disabilities. It's quite funny. Click on the Reverse Discrimination heading to view it.


This is my first blog, I will be writing on here a few times a week with subjects that are relevant to people with disabilities.

I appreciate any feedback you may have and suggestions on topics or if you have anything you would like addressed, just let me know.

I will be getting my topics from newspapers, television, websites, radio and my personal experiences.

Please add yourself as a follower and tell any friends or family who may be interested in my blog. Thank you and I'll be blogging to you soon.

A fair go for the disabled

I feel terrible for this blind man who was in the Parramatta Sun newspaper on Wednesday the 15th July 2009. He says he has a range of experience in Office and Call Centre Customer Service positions but because of his blindness, he continues to be knocked back and no one will hire him, despite an offer of government assistance.

I personally know how he feels to be discriminated against because of a disability. I once applied for a job as a receptionist but didn't tell them I was in a wheelchair. I got to the interview stage but when the manager called me for an interview, I inquired if there were stairs as I was in a wheelchair. Before I could explain that I am fully independant and drive ect, he said the job would not be suitable for me. Even though I clearly qualified from my skills.

It's hard to stay positive when there are constantly things that knock you down. People need to be made aware of people with disabilities and their willingness work and to do whatever it takes to be treated like an equal.

To view the story in full, click on the heading - 'A fair go for the disabled'